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Trapperchick: Coyote Trapping DVD


Trapperchick: Coyote Trapping DVD, Supplied by Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies

Product Description

Trapperchick shares how she uses foothold traps to take coyote after coyote on her personal trap line in S.W. Arkansas. She goes into detail on a basic dirt hole set. Then she takes you on a journey to more advanced dirt hole sets, flat sets, and blind sets. You will also see what she uses for her trapping equipment. Location is key for any trapper and you will have a better understanding of where to put your traps to take the maximum coyotes on your own trap line. As you will see Trapperchick is very serious about trapping a coyote, but she also has fun on the trap line. You will also get some great information on the live market and some blooper footage. You will learn, you will be entertained and you will find yourself smiling as you ride along with trapperchick. Lets go coyote trapping!


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