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Mark June Coyote Trapping Vol. 2 DVD


Mark June Coyote Trapping Vol. 2 DVD, Supplied by Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies

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Product Description

Ride along with one of America’s Top Coyote Trappers, a complete course on catching coyotes in all fur zones. Learn from one of this country’s Top Coyote Trappers. Professional trapper and biologist Mark June dives deeper into catching more coyotes in Volume 2, as you ride along with him on his high-production coyote trap line. Well known for his trapping expertise, high energy, and ability to catch large numbers of canines, Mark explains in great detail Advanced Methods that will consistently catch coyotes anywhere. 231 coyotes in 39 days. Filmed in High-Quality SONY Digital Technology. Run time is 120 minutes.


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