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Introducing SimRange by Laser Shot, Now Available at Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies

SimRange is a simulated gun range with real modified firearms. SimRange is perfect for anyone, from beginners to professionals. Train on the same equipment used by the U.S. military and police agencies. Hundreds of marksmanship improvement and life-like scenario training programs available.

SimRange is the best of going to a gun range without all the hassle. No need to worry about the weather, crowding, or buying your own ammo or supplies. SimRange’s dry fire training improves trigger control and reaction time. There are dozens of completion marksmanship courses that will help you practice speed and accuracy. As well as huntsmen training courses.

We are offering a wide range of classes taught by Scott Painter, an NRA certified instructor and the owner of Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies. From the fundamentals of pistol shooting to concealed carry and self-defense, there is a class for everyone. Private classes are offered with a minimum of two people. Regularly scheduled classes coming this Fall. Call (540) 298-7227 for more information.

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