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Fall 2018 Concealed Carry Class

Fall 2018 Concealed Carry Class

Scott Painter, NRA certified instructor and the owner of Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies, is offering Concealed Carry Classes this Fall. Scott is an avid sportsman and lifelong firearm enthusiast, he is knowledgeable in every aspect of owning and operating a firearm.

The course being offered will satisfy the training course requirement for Virginia Concealed Carry permit. This course is designed for first-time shooters, focusing on safety and marksmanship improvement. The first half of the class is in a classroom setting. The second half is on our SimRange, practicing dry fire techniques.

There are three class dates; Saturday, September 15th, Saturday, October 13th, and Sunday, November 11th. Each class starts at 1 p.m. The course is 3 hours in length but may run over. $80 per person. Please call 540-298-7227, email karapainter95@gmail.com, or even stop by our store to confirm your spot or if you have any questions.

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